Alice Austen House


The Alice Austen House provides so many meaningful experiences for visitors and students of all ages. Diego Coello was first introduced to photography when our educators taught a pinhole camera workshop at his elementary school. Diego (pictured furthest to the right of our wonderful team) took pictures, developed them, and, in the process, became hooked on photography and Alice Austen. His participation deepened through summer programs and volunteer work. Now a student at Staten Island Technical High School, in summer 2018, he completed an education internship at the house. Donors like you make experiences like Diego’s possible.


As a friend of Alice Austen House, you can be a part of making Austen’s story come to life. In the coming months, the public spaces in the House will undergo a transformation that will fully and truthfully interpret Austen’s life and work for visitors, students, and scholars to understand and access. It will preserve and present the historic nature of the house as well as place Austen’s work in the context of her time: the newness of photography, the significance of her work to understanding historical and contemporary issues such as urban development and immigration, and how her photography both documented and subverted the expectations of her upper-class upbringing. Significantly, the new permanent exhibition will place her long and loving relationship with Gertrude Tate in its proper context, highlighting the designation of the house as a site of LGBTQ historic significance.


With your support, the Alice Austen House tells Alice’s story and encourages visitors, students, and artists to find expression for theirs.

I hope I can count on your support.



Victoria Munro

Executive Director 



  • P.S. Act fast and make a donation of $50 or more to receive a wooden Alice Austen pin, made in collaboration with Scott Van Campen of Staten Island Maker Space.