Alice Austen

Tennis at Lake Mahopac

August 10, 1888. 4:30 pm.

Large group on tennis ground, Friday, August 10th, 1888. Lake Mahope, NY.

Fine clear day in shade, 1 sec, stop 22, Perken lense, 4:30 pm.

In the summer of 1888, Alice seems to have gone tennis mad, following ladies' tennis with a passion and entering tournaments herself.  Although, Alice often reached the semi-finals, she would usually be defeated in the final round.  Appearing in the photo are Alice's friends: Trude Eccleston, seated on the fence, and Trude's future husband, Charles Barton, standing second from left, and Alice's cousin, Theodore Townsend.  Theodore's dog is in the foreground.

Collection of Alice Austen House