Turnout NYC!: Bob Wright Band, The Johnson Girls, eGALitarian Brass Band

Alice Austen House is happy to bring the Bob Wright Band back to the lawn!

This year, we welcome The Johnson Girls and the eGALitarian Brass Band to the stage.


Bob Wright Band: A native of Staten Island, New York Bob has been playing music since childhood. He is a multi-instrumentalist steeped in the American musical roots traditions often referred to as Americana. A long-time member of the Risky Business Bluegrass Band and his own group, Harbortown, Bob often branches out to perform solo or in diverse, acoustic, musical settings following a restless creative urge.

eGALitarian Brass Band: eGALitarian Brass is a classical quintet by day and a brass band by night consisting of Kate Amrine and Melissa Muñoz on Trumpet, Blair Hamrick on french horn, Julie Dombroski on trombone, and Heather Ewer on tuba. eGALitarian Brass is dedicated to performing and commissioning new works by diverse composers and breaking boundaries of chamber music today as a classical quintet. They prioritize performing music by diverse composers and commissioning new repertoire with an emphasis on music by women composers, who have often been historically underrepresented in brass repertoire.

The Johnson Girls: Widely acclaimed for their powerhouse performances of rousing work songs, haunting ballads and laments, and hair-raising harmonies, The Johnson Girls have performed at major festivals, clubs, coffeehouses, and more across the United States, Canada, and beyond!

The Johnson Girls is an energetic all-woman a cappella ensemble, performing traditional and contemporary music with an emphasis on songs of the sea and shore. With a sound that has been called “exciting,” “haunting,” and “uplifting,” the Johnson Girls give powerhouse performances that bring audiences to their feet wherever they go.

Alice Austen Education: Garlic Mustard Seed and Mugwort Scavenger Hunt in the Meadow with Aly Stofo of Glam Gardener

Moments from the workshop.

Garlic Mustard Seed and Mugwort Scavenger Hunt in the Meadow

Glam Gardener hosts invasive plant workshops that teach people how to identify, craft with, and consume common non-native weeds. These weeds–like mugwort, autumn olive, and Japanese knotweed–are loathed by Parks departments, as they devote thousands of dollars in labor toward removing them from green spaces. Her workshops offer a different perspective on how we can relate to our environment. They combine ecosystems knowledge with arts, crafts, history, and sensory experiences to make connections impactful and memorable. It questions the concept of garbage, all while enabling citizens to do their part in the effort to remove invasive plants, that are disruptive to the native ecosystem.

Sponsorship for this event provided by Con Edison.

Alice Austen Lived Here Book Signing with Author Alex Gino

ALICE AUSTEN LIVED HERE by Alex Gino (Scholastic Press; On Sale April 5, 2022; Ages 9-12) · From the award-winning author of the groundbreaking novel Melissa (formerly published as George), a phenomenal novel about queerness past, present, and future. With astonishing queer representation, this celebration of queer history and community is incredibly timely as we as a society are reexamining how to shape and define our historical narratives. · A DEEPLY PERSONAL STORY: Alex Gino also grew up on Staten Island, and lived in one of Alice Austen’s former residences! · PRAISE FOR ALICE AUSTEN LIVED HERE o «“Gino, author of 2015’s award-winning Melissa, crafts another tour-de-force about the ways in which modern LGBTQIA+ kids are connected to our community’s history…An essential story to non-LGBTQIA+ and LGBTQIA+ kids alike, offering a timeless reminder to readers of all ages: like Alice Austen, we lived—and continue to live—here and everywhere.” –Booklist, Starred Review o « “A testament to the power of intergenerational queer community.” –Publishers Weekly, Starred Review · PRAISE FOR MELISSA: o #1 banned book in children’s literature year after year o Winner of the Children’s Stonewall Award o Winner of the Lambda Literary Award o «««« FOUR starred reviews · PRAISE FOR RICK, companion to MELISSA: o «««« FOUR starred reviews · A CELEBRATION OF QUEERNESS PAST AND PRESENT: Sam is very in touch with their own queer identity. They’re nonbinary, and their best friend, TJ, is nonbinary as well. Sam’s family is very cool with it… as long as Sam remembers that nonbinary kids are also required to clean their rooms, do their homework, and try not to antagonize their teachers too much. The teacher-respect thing is hard when it comes to Sam’s history class, because their teacher seems to believe that only Dead Straight Cis White Men are responsible for history. When Sam’s home borough of Staten Island opens up a contest for a new statue, Sam finds the perfect non-DSCWM subject: photographer Alice Austen, whose house has been turned into a museum, and who lived with a female partner for decades. Soon, Sam’s project isn’t just about winning the contest. It’s about discovering a rich queer history that Sam’s a part of—a queer history that no longer needs to be quiet, as long as there are kids like Sam and TJ to stand up for it. · ALEX GINO loves glitter, ice cream, gardening, awe-ful puns, and stories that reflect the diversity and complexity of being alive. Melissa (formerly published as George) was their first novel. Melissa was a winner of the Children’s Stonewall Award, the Lambda Literary Award, and the Children’s Choice Book Awards, among a host of others. Melissa was also featured on several Best of the Year lists. For more about Alex, please visit alexgino.com.

Alice Austen House Education: Poetry and Photography

For National Poetry Month, learn how writing and photography can work together to tell a story. Families will write poems by looking at poems and photographs from our collection as inspiration.

This family engagement is free and open to the public. Children and caregivers are encouraged to join.

Saturday, April 9th, 2022 from 12:00 to 1:00 pm.

Alice Austen House Education: Cyanotype on Fabric Workshop


Cyanotype, or “sun print”, is a photographic process that gained in popularity in the nineteenth century. Alice Austen made prints for display from her glass plate negatives through a process called contact printing. Utilizing vintage glass plates from our education collection, families will create cyanotypes with the help of our AAH teaching artists by using sun-powered printmaking to produce images onto shirts, cotton pages, and sheets.



Jane’s Walk: Citizen Led Walking Tour

Alice Austen: Changing Photographic of Rosebank

Bring your cameras and join Alice Austen House, teaching artists, for a photo walk beginning at the historic home of Alice Austen. We will begin by photographing the Victorian Gothic cottage that was both Austen’s home and muse and journey together through Rosebank to the historic St John’s Episcopal Church where Austen’s infamous 1890 portrait ‘Trude and I, Masked, Short Skirts’ was taken.

Alice Austen Partners with Photoville 2020

In Partnership with Photoville 2020 The Alice Austen House presents:

Encounters by Olga Ginzburg

This project is about a love of place, with all the complexity that word can generate. The photographs are created on chance encounters. What I seek is a kind of magic that can exist in ordinary daily living.

Many of the people I meet have a sense of pride about this place; that connection with their surroundings is something I want to explore. Like clues or hints, I find myself looking for the subtle ways my subjects reveal themselves.


The installation will be located at 656 Father Capodanno Blvd, Staten Island


Home Away from Home by Stephen Obisanya

Beyond the four walls where we discovered identity during childhood, what is it that makes a home? Is it the city in a faraway country where we first learned to speak the native tongue? Is it the feeling of belonging when surrounded by people who remind us of a unique, shared experience? Or is it where we choose to settle with loved ones at any given moment?

Home Away From Home is a snapshot of a small town in New York City, and the process of rediscovering home. It presents a candid look into the lives of Staten Island residents and documents the diverse life experiences often overlooked within the borough.

This series of images represents a period from my formative years in Staten Island, when I began to discover a sense of belonging years after feeling disconnected from my childhood in Lagos, Nigeria. Curiosity led me to people whose culture and lived experiences I deeply identified with.


The installation will be located along the South Beach Promenade

About the Artists:

Olga Ginzburg is a documentary photographer based in Staten Island, New York. Her work has appeared in the The New York Times and it has been exhibited at the Alice Austen House.

She works as a freelance photographer and reporter.

Stephen Obisanya is a documentary photographer based in Staten Island. His work is heavily rooted in exploring the foundations of human connection and condition through the lens of family and community. Born (1989) in Lagos, Nigeria and now residing in New York City, much of Obisanya’s work is informed by his dual identity: a cultural background as an African, and a lived experience as a first-generation immigrant in America.