Alice Austen

(Self) Portrait

Monday, September 19, 1892. 3:45 pm.

Austen calls this "the very best picture that was ever taken of me."  In cases where she herself is in the photograph, she would set the picture up and then somebody else would snap it, or she would rig a line up from the camera with a bulb on it and release the shutter herself.  This is one of her most formal effortst --- "I was awfully fussy about how my pictures were possed."

"Fine day in shade on piazza. Perkins lens/stop 32/3 seconds."

The photo was taken on the Austen porch. 

Self-portrait of 26-year-old Alice Austen, posing on the porch of Clear comfort in her favorite yellow dress with red trim.  Austen writes on the negative sleeve: E. A. A., full lenght, with fan.  Fine day, in shade on piazza. Monday, Sept. 19th, 1892.  Seed 23, Perken Lense, 32 Stop, 3 secs. 

Collection of Staten Island Historic Society