A National Historic Landmark, devoted to the life and work of one of America's earliest and most prolific female photographers, the Alice Austen House is proud to present education programs that enhance your curricula and stimulate your students.

K-12 School



At the Museum


Through Alice's Eyes   3rd grade and above

Tour Alice Austen's Victorian Gothic Cottage, Clear Comfort, and learn about this remarkable woman, her family, and old Staten Island through her photographs. Each child will be able to stand where Alice once stood and capture what she once photographed with our digital cameras as they find the location of Alice's photograph taken at Clear Comfort. The group will then compare and contrast and discuss what has changed and what has remained the same.Students will pair up and explore the temporary photography exhibition on view by choosing one of the photographs from the exhibition. Each child will take home their own photograph.


The Young Alice Austen and her Family  

K-2nd grade Students will learn basic photography skills just like Alice did when she was a young girl. Groups of students will receive one object such as a tennis racket or large pocket watch which helps tell the story of Alice Austen and her family. Each student will take a photograph with our digital cameras of their group using this object and learn about its significance in the life of Alice or her family. We will tour Alice’s Victorian Gothic cottage which she called “Clear Comfort” and learn about her grandparents, uncles, aunt and mother through Alice’s photographs.Classes will also enjoy the wondrous views of the New York Narrows.


Celebrate Woman's History with Alice Austen

Alice Austen dared to defy conventions during an age when society limited a woman's choice to marriage and motherhood. She was fifty four years old by the time woman had won the right to vote in New York in 1920. Learn about woman's history through the life and photographs of Alice Austen. Students will explore our new temporary exhibition of Alice Austen photographs, Street Types: Turn of the Century Portraiture.  Each student will take a photograph with our digital cameras!



In Your School

Alice Austen, Photographer

Grades 2 - 12
A 75-minute photography workshop with digital cameras supplied by our experienced teaching artist.  

Alice Austen had a strong and determined eye: She knew what she wanted to capture and more often than not she achieved her goal.  By analyzing Alice's images students learn about her techniques.  Working in groups, each student takes a photograph with a digital camera paying attention to angles, props, and composition.  Excellent hands-on activity and art experience.



Alice Austen and Me, Portrait photography

Grades 3 - 12 

Two 75-minute photography workshops with digital cameras supplied by our experienced teaching artist.  

Students analyze Alice's photographs and self-portraits to uncover the life and work of the woman who took them.  Alice lived by her own rules and dared to defy conventions during an age when society limited women's choices to marriage and motherhood. Each student takes a portrait photograph of a partner and by using props and angles captures something of the subject's personality. Students write about themselves using a worksheet provided by our educator. Excellent hands-on activity and art experience.



History through the Photographer’s Lens

Grade 2-Alice Austen street photography (workers)
Grade 3-Alice Austen travel photographs
Grades 4- Alice Austen immigration and quarantine photographs
Grade 5-Alice Austen photographs highlighting woman’s rights       

A 60 minute workshop using Alice’s photographs with an experienced educator 

This is a wonderful introduction to Alice Austen in your classroom. Students will learn about early photography by seeing an antique glass plate and a pinhole camera. They will learn about Alice, her life and history by looking at her photographs. After the introduction, each group will receive a different photograph to write about with our worksheets and then present their photograph to the class. Topics vary depending on curriculum and include immigration, the rural roots of Staten Island, and woman’s rights. After this workshop, students will look forward to visiting Alice’s home, Clear Comfort






Our education programs are made possible by generous grants and support from:
The New York City Department of Cultural Affairs
New York Community Trust
The Richmond County Savings Foundation
The Staten Island Foundation
Con Edison
Lily Auchincloss Foundation



  • Students reviewing their developed photographs
  • High School students in a special 2-hour workshop
  • Alice Austen House New Educators 2020
  • Students from various Staten Island High Schools coming together at the Alice Austen House
  • Middle school students portray their dreams in a silhouette activity