Hunting Wildlife with Camera and Flashlight: The Night Photography of George Shiras

03/17/18– 06/9/18

George Shiras was a pioneer of wildlife photography. The otherworldly nocturnal photographs presented in this exhibition are loaned from the National Geographic Creative Archive. In 1906, Shiras was the first photographer to publish wildlife photographs in National Geographic Magazine and would subsequently donate his collection of glass plate negatives to the Society. Shiras exchanged his hunting rifle for a camera during the late 1800s, a time when Alice Austen was also experiementing with new photographic techniques. Shiras used his photography as a tool for advocating for the protection of wildlife and parks in America.

Opening Reception

Saturday, March 17, 2-5PM
Members' Hour: 2-3PM
Public Opening: 3-5PM

Exhibition Programming

Wildlife Salon - Sunday, April 8th, 5PM
A Sunday Salon about deer with NYC Park Ranger Khalil!
Greenbelt Photowalk - Saturday, May 19th, 11AM
A kid-friendly photohike!
Freshkills Park Tour and Photowalk - Saturday, May 26th, 1PM
A Behind the Scenes tour of NYC's newest big park! RSVP required



  • George Shiras, Three White-Tailed Deer Leaping to Escape, Michigan, 1920. c National Geographic Creative Archive