Foreclosed: Documents from the American Housing Crisis

04/1/12– 09/17/12

The Alice Austen House Museum is pleased to present Foreclosed:  Documents from the American Housing Crisis.  The exhibition includes works by: Bruce Gilden, Lauren Greenfield, Todd Hido, Imara Moore, John Moore, John Francis Peters, T.J. Proechel, Brian Shumway, Brian Ulrich and Guillaume Zuili.

The exhibition examines how artists are using photography to record the aftermath of the housing bubble; from its beginning in 2006 to the dramatic effects it still has on the American Landscape today. The artists and photographers in the exhibition depict the ruins of rich and poor neighborhoods, as well as the families affected by the economic downturn. As a result, the exhibition aims to explore the disintegration of the American dream and how it effects a culture where home ownership is no longer a reality for many.

The Alice Austen House provides its unique domestic setting to view the haunting imagery of places now abandoned.  Artists such as Todd Hido capture what has been left behind in these modern ghost towns, whereas documentary photographers like John Moore capture the stories of those most affected. In essence, what has remained is a stark and vast wasteland filled with eerie reminders of what was lost.  Juxtaposing Austen's history and home with photographs depicting the current crisis, the exhibition offers a unique setting to connect the crisis of the Great Depression with the current recession.

The museum will also display Alfred Eisenstaedt's vintage images from LIFE of Alice Austen's emotional visit to the home she lost.

At the May 5th opening, between 1:00-2:00pm, there will be a special presentation with photographer John Moore, Getty Images, and Paul Moakley, Deputy photo editor TIME, about his World Press Photo winning series documenting the American foreclosure crisis followed by a Q&A about the exhibition. 


  • Foreclosure Alley by Guillaume Zuili - Vu