Alice Austen Everyday: A Photo Series Inspired by Place

09/26/15– 12/30/15


Alice Austen's beloved home, Clear Comfort, was her muse and her window onto the world at the entrance to the New York Harbor. The vantage point from Clear Comfort is majestic, with a panoramic vista of Lower Manhattan, New Jersey, and Brooklyn. Today, the museum devoted to the early American photographer continues to be a witness to history and a lively public space.  

Starting last year on Alice Austen’s birthday, the Alice Austen House began a project documenting the grounds and waterfront from Austen’s home, Clear Comfort. Each day since then the house, grounds, and activities of the site have been documented, much like Alice Austen did over a hundred years ago. The museum will present an installation of nearly 200 snapshots capturing the daily life of this historic site and invite visitors to participate in the project. 

Be like Alice!
The Alice Austen House invites you to Clear Comfort to take your own images of the site that is an inspiration to photographers. Museum visitors can upload their own images to social media with the tag #aliceausteneveryday or email them to with the title, date, and name of photographer.
Alice Austen Everyday will be on view from September 26 – December 30, 2015, shown in conjunction with the museum’s 30thAnniversary exhibition “Becoming Clear Comfort: History of a Landmark," tracing the history of the house.  Recently tagged images will also be on view, presented on an iPad in the gallery.
Cover Photo Contest

Submit a #aliceausteneveryday photo of the house and grounds of Clear Comfort to by November 1, 2015. The selected winner’s photo will be used as the Alice Austen House’s Facebook Cover Photo.


Alice Austen Everyday Photo Event

Saturday, September 26, 2015 
2:00 - 4:00 pm 
You’re the photographer! Come out for a special lawn party and photo session: visit Clear Comfort, document the grounds, direct the scene, and explore the site – just like Alice. The afternoon will begin with a discussion about the #aliceausteneveryday project and how the museum uses Instagram. The fun continues with refreshments, lawn games, dress up, and selfies with Alice Austen. Bring your own camera and picnic!
Upload images taken during the day to social media using the hashtag #aliceausteneveryday. Not on social media? Email photos with title, date, and name of photographer to to be included in the project.