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Vintage Camera Day

Marvel at the art of vintage photography! Featuring a series of talks and activities exploring vintage photography and image-making processes.

  • $10 Aura Photographs and interpretation
  • The Camera Doctor Eric Mayr
  • Lumen Photography workshop
  • Free admission to the museum. Current exhibition: FINE BRIGHT DAY curated by Victoria Munro.
Lumen photography workshop begins at 12:30 PM.
Registration is highly encouraged. The workshop
requires a minimum of one hour exposure time.
Please arrive on time to ensure best possible

——-> We thought it would be fun to put the photo album Alice gave to Gertrude in front of our aura camera with Alice’s pocket Kodak, a copy of bicycling for ladies on the hand sensors to see if we could get a reading. blue means Devotion, Loyalty, Nurturing, Personal Relationships, and purple Visionary, Unconventional, Non-Judgmental, Playful. The color white in an aura represents Higher Consciousness, Destiny, Intense Energy. It is thought that white orbs are spiritual manifestations such as spirit guides or spirits watching over you. ——>


Thank you all who attended Vintage Camera Day 2022! 

<—- Check out scenes from our Lumen Printing workshop. 



Nov 05 2022


12:00 pm - 2:00 pm

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