06/23/192:00pm– 4:00pm

Sunday Salon with Ariel Goldberg at Alice Austen House

Performing Networks: Slideshows, Questionnaires, and Directories 


How did lesbian identified photographers in the 1980s build community in real time? Often claiming figures like Alice Austen as inspiration, photographers such as Joan E. Biren and Tia Cross created narratives about becoming a photographer in order to claim legacies from histories of omission.

Ariel Goldberg's publications include The Estrangement Principle (Nightboat Books, 2016) and The Photographer (Roof Books, 2015). Goldberg’s research, writing and performance work has been supported by the New York Public Library, the Franklin Furnace Fund, SOMA in Mexico City, and Smith College. From 2014-2017, they organized readings at The Poetry Project. Goldberg teaches writing and from 2014-2017, they organized readings at The Poetry Project. They are the 2018-9 Zuckerman Fellow, Curator of Community Engagement at the Jewish History Museum in Tucson, AZ. Goldberg’s art writing has appeared in e-flux, Artforum, and Art in America. They are currently working on two books: Heavy Equipment, essays on the practices of LGBTQ photographers in the 1970s-90s, and A Century, a novel based on the partnership of art critic Elizabeth McCausland and photographer Berenice Abbott.