Alice Austen

Camera in the Parlor

Early 1900's

One of the Alice's half-dozen cameras, possibly a Graflex made by the former Folmer & Schwing Company, in the Austen Parlor set up for a picture, early 1900's.

Popular Mechanics, under the rear chair leg, was a magazine Alice read with interest. 


This is the drawing room of the Alice Austen house, with the old Waterbury camera set up for a picture. The ebony cabinet in the background is filled with Chinese and Japanese vases and figurines. Many of which Uncle Oswald brought back from voyages to the Orient. Alice had to foreclose on the house and sell most of the treasures within due financial crisis after the Great Depression. Reminiscencing years later, Alice said, "When I look at these things and think they're all gone, it makes me sick."

Collection of Staten Island Historic Society