Permanent Exhibition

Our Permanent Exhibition

The exhibition “New Eyes on Alice Austen” reopened the museum’s permanent spaces on May 22nd, 2019. The exhibition represents a multi-year project to update the presentation of Austen’s core story. Incorporating current scholarship, the re-envisioned permanent installation comprehensively demonstrates Austen’s contributions to photographic, immigration, women’s and LGBTQ history.

View from the grand parlor into front hallway

A collection from Austen's "Larky Life" series
displayed in what was once the Austen Dining room

The installation fully and truthfully interprets Austen’s life and work for visitors, students and scholars to understand and access. Significantly, the new permanent exhibition places her long and loving relationship with Gertrude Tate in its proper context, highlighting the 2017 designation of the house as a national site of LGBTQ historic significance.

Media: Alice Austen's letter
collection, as part of a large
translation project

The Austen Family tree, displayed
in our grand parlor

Full Gallery

Exhibition Design by Coen Projekts

Opened May 22nd, 2019

Exhibition Design by Coen Projekts

Photography by Duggal Visual Solutions

Exhibition Digital Media by Alyssa DeMarco

Alice Austen photos provided by Historic Richmondtown


Annual Gala & Benefit

Thank you to all our friends and members who have supported our past galas. We are not currently planning a gala for this year but could always use support. If you’d like to donate to support our other programming and events, please click here.

With Pride,

The Alice Austen House Staff


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Like Us: Primate Portraits

Early work by photographer Robin Schwartz documenting the close relationship between primates and their caretakers.


Minnie, 1989.
Stump-tailed macaque, female, 13 years old.

Charlie, 1988.
Chimpanzee, Female, 5 years old.

Robin Schwartz

Opening Reception

Saturday, March 4, 2—5 P.M.

Members’ Hour: 2—3 P.M., Public Opening: 3—5 P.M.


Artist Talk: Photographing Animals with Robin Schwartz

Saturday, April 22, 10 a.m. —12 p.m. 

Robin Schwartz will discuss how to photograph animals in a variety of situations, as well as her long term portrait project of her daughter Amelia. Free with museum admission.


Image: Robin Schwartz, Minnie, 1989, Stump-tailed macaque, female, 13 years old © Robin Schwartz