Welcome to the Alice Austen House permanent collection. For the very first time, you are now able to explore the richness of Austen’s creativity online. We will continue to add photographs as they are digitized. Let us know if you recognize a face or a place or share with us your interpretation of the photographs. We welcome your comments.

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Format: 2018
Format: 2018
EnlargeUS. Naval Academy Cadets September 25, 1896. 3.15 pm.
EnlargeMessenger Boy by Wheel Tuesday, June 2, 1896
EnlargeWood Gatherers September 19th, 1892
EnlargeBay Head August 25, 1892. 5:35 pm.
EnlargeR.H. Macy's C.A. Dec 1891
EnlargeFifth Ave Auto C.A. March 1910
EnlargeBathing on Boat Saturday, August 8th, 1891
EnlargeThe Bowling Club May 28, 1895. 11:00 pm.
EnlargeJulia Bredt Sept. 1892
EnlargeApple Blossoms Date Unavailable
EnlargeMt. Anthony, Road August, 14, 1890. 2:55 pm.
EnlargeTennis at Lake Mahopac August 10, 1888. 4:30 pm.
EnlargeThe Cocroft Children in the Trees Tuesday November 2, 1886. 1.30 pm.
Enlarge"A Cart Full" apr 11, 1890
EnlargePortrait Date Unavailable
EnlargeJulia Martin October 29, 1888
EnlargeStapleton Date Unavailable
EnlargeQuarantine Boat C.A. April 1901
EnlargeHoffman island C.A. Jan 1906
EnlargeSteerage Dormitories C.A. April 1901
EnlargeHoffman island C.A. Jan 1906
EnlargeGrant Parade C.A April 1897
EnlargeWindmill C.A. May 1909